Thursday, August 8, 2013

Esto todavia funciona

Hoy me encontre tremenda sorporesa.

Un email de google diciendome que yo tengo una vaina ahi que se llama adsense y que ello tienen un cheque para mi, y que todavia no me lo pueden entregar hasta que yo no complete mi perfil.

Yo tengo casi 4 años ignorando ese email.

Hoy por vaina de curiosidad, pensando yo que me van a mandar un cheque de 45 chele, decido ver mi balance.


Casi 110 dolares.

Entonce, lo que voy a hacer es que la proxima vez que vaya a la isla, voy a llevar eso chelito a drinks 2 go, voy a comprar lo que de en brugal añejo, hielo y vasos de foam, y to el que quiera ir a beber romo con hielo en vaso de foam, que venga. Cortesia del doctor.


no vemo pronto.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hello, you...

Thanks for reminding me I had a blog.
How are you?
Where are you? .

Things have changed a lot since we last met.

I've traveled a lot, I'm married, I have a better job... Life is good.

Hope I get to see you soon.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Inventos de la gente

Vamo a pone varia cosa clara. Para la posteridá

#1- Mojarse en la lluvia no da gripe ni enferma.
#2- Acostarse con lo cabello mojao no enferma.
#3- Beber agua fria depue de planchar no pasma.
#4- Ponerse chancleta cuando ta tronando e una etupidé. Si te va a da corriente, decalzo o con teni te da corriente.
#5- Cenar ligero no rebaja.
#6- Almorzar tarde no engorda.
#7- La mielda de poyo no hace crecé lo bigote ni lo cabello.
#8- Beber agua depue de un jugo no diluye la vitamina del jugo.
#9- La tapita que tiene el nintendo abajo NO E PA JUGA JUEGO DE SEGA.
#10- La leche en polvo no se pega del etómago.
#11- La mujere embarazada pueden comé mango. La placenta no se pega por comé mango.

Tu sabe algun invento de la gente? no ta seguro si e velda o no?
dejame un comment.

How I fixed Voicemail problem after iOS4 upgrade

After upgrading my iPhone from Jailbroken 3.1.3 to iOS4, I couldn't check my voicemail and I had no internet (3G or edge).

Im a PC so this instructions are for PC users.

Forget about calling AT&T, they wont help you at all.



- Put your phone into DFU mode.
Connect your phone, open itunes, let it backup, then HOLD THE POWER BUTTON AND HOME BUTTON. When you hear the first connect sound, release the power button. When you hear the second connect sound, release the home button.

- iTunes will ask you if you want to restore your iPhone to factory settings. Click Yes.

- After a while it will ask you if you want to restore from your backup. Unplug your phone, check your voicemail. It will call your voicemail, then hang up. Call your voicemail again, and it will ask you to set a password. Set a password, hang up, and visual voicemail should work again.

- Reconnect your iphone to itunes, and set up as new iphone. Let it sync everything from your outlook and itunes (contacts and apps), then sync your music, videos, ringtones, etc. etc.

-Thats it. You should have voicemail and 3g/edge

I tried to restore my phone from my backup, but it messed up the voicemail 3g/edge again.

Feel free to post other fixes you find in the comment area.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The website is down


switching To dropbox/linuxserver

Monday, March 15, 2010

My NBDE1 Notes

Probably in mid June, I'll take my National Board Exam [again].

I've decided to memorize old exam questions this time (as recommended by multiple people)

I will edit this as I come up with more ideas...I hope someone can use this...ENJOY!


Cranial nerves:
I Olfactory
II Optic
III Oculomotor
IV Trochlear
V Trigeminal
VI Abducens
VII Facial
VIII Vestubulochoclear,
IX GlosoPharyngeal
X Vagus
XI Accessory
XII Hypoglossal.

Oh Oh Oh! To Touch And Feel Virgin Girl's Vagina And Hymen!

mnemonic for dominicans:

I- Metete "UN" deo en la nari (Olfactory)
II- Lo tre chiflado se sacan lo sojo con "DO" deo. Esa vaina duele. (sensory) (Optic)
III- Uno, Callate, Dos, te callas, "TRES", Sube el culo en el motor. (Oculomotor)
IV- Trochlear (Just learn it!)
V- Trigeminal (If you dont know this one, you need to study architecture or something)
VI- I got abducted by satan (6) (Abducens)
VII- Brad pit tiene una cara bonita (From the movie SEVEN) (FACIAL)
VIII- Cant think of anything for this one....( Vestibulochoclear)
IX- NO TE PONGA EL DEO EN LA GARGANTA QUE VOMITA!! (x= NO I=Deo) (Glossopharyngeal [gag reflex])
X- Que hace un vago? no hace na! (X = nada) (vagus)
XI- El palito alante de la X e un accesorio (Accessory)
XII- Nada de Lengua Chiquita (X = Nada II kinda looks like a tongue) (Hypoglosal)


It ain't easy being a teenager. You can get Ewing's sarcoma and shit.

Ewing's sarcoma affects teenagers mostly.


Tragic love story:
The sphenomandibular ligament could not let go of his lingula... He was attached to it. <3>

The sphenomandibular ligament
attaches to the lingula (of the mandible).


"No Interstitial cells (of Leydig), no testosterone...sorry, office policies..."

Interstitial cells
(of Leydig) stimulate the release of testosterone.


"Piglet Has no Barr Body."
Barr Body assists in differentiating the sex of a cell.


Ma Te MPte -
Muscles that elevate the mandible:
Masseter, Temporalis, Medial Pterygoid.


Your Buche is located in your face

The facial nerve innervates the buccinator muscle


-(superior) Head
-(Middle) Testicle
-(Inferior) Foot

The Right Lung usually has 3 lobes


You use periodontal dressing after perio surgery. Cemento ---- perio
Cementum is produced by cells of the periodontal ligament


Los pulpos tienen dientes.
Dentin is produced by pulp cells


My doctor said I Can't play my djembe anymore. I suffered a Myocardial Infarction, and now I got Dysrhythmia.
The most common complication of Myocardial Infarction is Dysrhythmia.


Get rid of your wrinkles with the new SHARPIE'S FIBER
® [PERMANENT MARKER]!, (with collagenous fibers).
Sharpey's fibers consist of collagenous fibers

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Metal Animals \m/

First, I found this:

Then, someone emailed me this:

Which reminded me of this one:

Come back later, and I'll kill the rest of your neurons.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Me da mucha verguenza admitirlo, pero si, fui yo...
Solo me faltaba uno, para completar la coleccion.
Cuando el no estaba mirando, se lo quite de su mochila.
Lo escondi en mi estuche y cuando me chequiaron la mochila no lo encontraron. Por mi nos quedamos todos media hora despues que sono el timbre.

Lo siento.

Lo admito.

Yo le robé el Rocko LoKo Azul a Eddie Luna, en 5to de primaria.

Fui yo.