Monday, March 15, 2010

My NBDE1 Notes

Probably in mid June, I'll take my National Board Exam [again].

I've decided to memorize old exam questions this time (as recommended by multiple people)

I will edit this as I come up with more ideas...I hope someone can use this...ENJOY!


Cranial nerves:
I Olfactory
II Optic
III Oculomotor
IV Trochlear
V Trigeminal
VI Abducens
VII Facial
VIII Vestubulochoclear,
IX GlosoPharyngeal
X Vagus
XI Accessory
XII Hypoglossal.

Oh Oh Oh! To Touch And Feel Virgin Girl's Vagina And Hymen!

mnemonic for dominicans:

I- Metete "UN" deo en la nari (Olfactory)
II- Lo tre chiflado se sacan lo sojo con "DO" deo. Esa vaina duele. (sensory) (Optic)
III- Uno, Callate, Dos, te callas, "TRES", Sube el culo en el motor. (Oculomotor)
IV- Trochlear (Just learn it!)
V- Trigeminal (If you dont know this one, you need to study architecture or something)
VI- I got abducted by satan (6) (Abducens)
VII- Brad pit tiene una cara bonita (From the movie SEVEN) (FACIAL)
VIII- Cant think of anything for this one....( Vestibulochoclear)
IX- NO TE PONGA EL DEO EN LA GARGANTA QUE VOMITA!! (x= NO I=Deo) (Glossopharyngeal [gag reflex])
X- Que hace un vago? no hace na! (X = nada) (vagus)
XI- El palito alante de la X e un accesorio (Accessory)
XII- Nada de Lengua Chiquita (X = Nada II kinda looks like a tongue) (Hypoglosal)


It ain't easy being a teenager. You can get Ewing's sarcoma and shit.

Ewing's sarcoma affects teenagers mostly.


Tragic love story:
The sphenomandibular ligament could not let go of his lingula... He was attached to it. <3>

The sphenomandibular ligament
attaches to the lingula (of the mandible).


"No Interstitial cells (of Leydig), no testosterone...sorry, office policies..."

Interstitial cells
(of Leydig) stimulate the release of testosterone.


"Piglet Has no Barr Body."
Barr Body assists in differentiating the sex of a cell.


Ma Te MPte -
Muscles that elevate the mandible:
Masseter, Temporalis, Medial Pterygoid.


Your Buche is located in your face

The facial nerve innervates the buccinator muscle


-(superior) Head
-(Middle) Testicle
-(Inferior) Foot

The Right Lung usually has 3 lobes


You use periodontal dressing after perio surgery. Cemento ---- perio
Cementum is produced by cells of the periodontal ligament


Los pulpos tienen dientes.
Dentin is produced by pulp cells


My doctor said I Can't play my djembe anymore. I suffered a Myocardial Infarction, and now I got Dysrhythmia.
The most common complication of Myocardial Infarction is Dysrhythmia.


Get rid of your wrinkles with the new SHARPIE'S FIBER
® [PERMANENT MARKER]!, (with collagenous fibers).
Sharpey's fibers consist of collagenous fibers