Thursday, October 8, 2009

Breakup letter

A real breakup letter from a real person

Angry Dominican Mom Collection

If I posted something like this on youtube, and my mom found out, Ill be dead. Not just dead, but ass whooped, tortured, decapitated dead.

The thing is, a bunch of kids are taping their mothers, then they purposely annoy them, and post their reactions on youtube. Personally, I think is hilarious.

So here is a bunch of videos I found. I already looked for them, so you don't have to.

Angry dominican mom throws a phone:

Angry dominican mother angry at rosmary for not giving her money, so she can go dancing on her birthday:

Angry Mom mad at priscilla for being messy.

Angry Dominican Mom doesnt want to be on bluetooth yutoo, whatever...

This one is very low quality, but you can totally understand what she says:

This one didn't take her meds:

This one is not about a dominican mom, but its funny as hell. Deserves to be blogged

And this one too:

Now remember kids, please try this at home, school or work. Record (HQ please), post and share it with the world. XD